Steve Siam has been our Forester since 1998. We were in the market for land when we hired him to do a “pre-auction” assessment of a parcel that we were very interested in purchasing. Steve provided us with an estimated timber value of the tract that ultimately allowed us to be the successful bidder. That is when we really started having some fun. Steve not only performed a very detailed timber inventory but also allowed me to be a part of it. The knowledge of the woodlands that he passed down to me was truly life altering; a gift that forever changed me.  He then assisted us with our very first selective timber harvest; from recommending loggers to monitoring their progress.   We were very pleased with the sale results and the accuracy of Steve’s estimated timber values.

 Since then he has advised us on a specific timber management plan; from culling out the less desirables to grapevine control and everything in between.  Steve has made several visits to our farm to check on our progress and to keep us headed in the right direction.  In the meantime, we have been fortunate enough to acquire an additional farm. Again, Steve played a very similar role; from the preliminary timber assessment all the way through another selective harvest.

There is no doubt that Steve’s advice and guidance on timber management has enabled us to own a most beautiful southern Wyandot county farm.  We highly recommend Steve and his services.  We could not have done it without him!                     - Joe M - Wyandot County


Several years ago our family was approached by a timber company to see if we would like to sell the timber on our property.  We met with this company and toured the acreage, and they submitted a bid.  However, something just did not seem right about the situation, so we did not agree to the timber cutting.

I then contacted an acquaintance that was a forester and asked if he could help us.  He was located in south eastern Ohio and did not think he could manage the job long distance so he recommended Steve Siam.

I met with Steve and we toured the acreage on several occasions.  At the time timber prices were down and Steve recommended waiting for them to recover.  In the next year when timber prices had recovered Steve contacted us and we set the process in place to take bids on the timber.  With Steve's expertise of marking only the trees to be bid on he handled the whole bid process.  Our acreage is very hilly and not easy for timber cutting, so there were not a lot of bids.  However, the best bid came from a company the has a great deal of experience in timber cutting on land like ours.  And as it turned out, we basically received the same amount of income from the 200 trees that Steve had selected as we would have received from the other timber company who would have cut many more trees and caused much more damage to our property.

Steve was very helpful and professional and managed the whole process from start to finish.  From meeting with us, marking the trees, arranging the bids, advising us on the best firm for our property, and overseeing the actual timber harvesting , Steve was truly was truly a blessing to us.  By selecting the trees he did, Steve left the trees that needed to mature some more for a later time.  When that time comes, we will definitely work with Steve again.                                                                                                                  -Gary Blacklidge - Logan County

I knew I needed a forester due to the amount of ash in my woods.  Steve’s name was mentioned by several people, so I contacted him for a consultation.  I was impressed with his woodland management philosophy, as well as his concerns for my goals and the health of my woods.  We surveyed the woods and discussed my goals.  I gave him the okay to proceed with the harvest and was quite happy with the results.  He managed the entire process of marking, measuring, cataloging the timber, sending bid requests to only reputable loggers, and the on-site supervision of the logging project.  I had done a selective cut on my own, and the process was very stressful, with plenty of doubt and uncertainty.  That won’t happen again after the positive experience I had using Steve Siam as my forester.  The whole process was stress free, and I am sure I received far more income than I would have on my own, even after Steve’s very reasonable commission.  Simply put, he knows the business and the players, and that makes everyone in the process a winner!                                                                         -Marty O. – Knox County